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A Personal Injury Lawyer and Team That Invests In Your Case

You have been injured and need legal help. Getting the highest possible financial settlement and the best medical care can only be achieved with a team of experienced legal professionals and experts in various fields.

At Himelfarb Proszanski, we build winning cases. That’s the HimPro Advantage™. We are invested in you and your right to protection through this difficult time. All it takes is a phone call to Himelfarb Proszanski to start you on your way to the compensation you deserve. We work solely on a contingency basis which means we only get paid when you do.

With over a combined century of experience winning Personal Injury Law Cases we have the expertise and the resources to help you. Led by David Himelfarb with his 28 years of experience, we have settled over 3000 cases and grossed over ½ billion in settlements for our clients – all while ensuring the best professional and medical care is provided.

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Getting the Best Settlement and Medical Care

In the critical hours after sustaining an injury, there are several benefits to hiring a personal injury lawyer. Evidence as to the cause of your injuries must be immediately secured. This is pivotal and provides the groundwork on which your legal case, medical care, benefits and financial settlement is built. Skid marks, faulty lighting, unsafe construction, and other factors must be professionally and fully documented so that you get the help and compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Services That Go Beyond

As a leading full service personal injury law firm Himelfarb Prozanski offers clients the full complement of specialized Personal Injury Lawyer services.
  • Accident Lawyer

    Everyone involved in a motor vehicle accident needs legal representation and protection. As the driver, passenger, or as pedestrian, at fault or not – we get you the care and compensation you deserve.
  • Accident Benefits Lawyer

    Accident benefits are available to everyone involved in a motor vehicle accident. Whether you were the at-fault driver, the not-at fault driver, a passenger in a vehicle, or a pedestrian. Even if you do not have your own auto insurance, we ensure you receive all the benefits and compensation you deserve.
  • Tort Claims Lawyer

    If you have been injured in an accident you are legally entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver. We ensure you receive high quality medical coverage, compensation for pain and suffering, loss of income, medical and rehabilitation costs, housekeeping and home maintenance.
  • Slip and Fall Lawyer

    If you have slipped or fallen on someone’s property, whether it’s residential, commercial, or in a public area, you are entitled to a claim against the occupier and owner of the premises. We build your case and get you the maximum care and compensation you deserve.
  • Disability Lawyer

    Managing a disability claim on your own is difficult. Insurance companies are experienced in denying claims. We analyze your case quickly, obtain the appropriate and needed medical documentation required, issue legal proceedings and get your case settled.
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyer

    Medical malpractice cases are difficult to navigate. We have the expertise and experience necessary to navigate this challenging area of the law, and build a winning case so that you get the compensation you deserve.
  • Brain Injury Lawyer

    A brain injury impacts several areas of your life including physical, emotional, social, and financial. We have extensive experience litigating cases involving brain injuries ensuring you get the care you need and the highest level of compensation you deserve.
  • Spinal Injury Lawyer

    A spinal injury is terrifying and life-altering. We understand the devastating medical, psychological and financial consequences of these injuries, and act immediately to get you the rehabilitation, medical and home care you need as well as the compensation you deserve.
  • Work Injury Lawyer

    Work Injury claims are complex. The paperwork is extensive and there are critical time limits that must be met. We help you navigate the system, maximize your claims, and ensure you receive the care and compensation you deserve.

Here’s What Our Clients Say

  • Often the public perceives lawyers in a negative way; but I can honestly say that David Himelfarb has the utmost ethical standards of any lawyer that I have dealt with. He took the time to explain the particulars of my case, was always available to take my calls, always returned my calls and his team of Clerks and Assistants were equally as professional and courteous. Should I ever need legal representation, I can assure you that I will retain his firm.

    Adina Williams

  • My no fault benefit claim was handled by the firm and was settled quickly and for a very good amount. The firm is extremely professional and dedicated. I would highly recommend the firm to anyone who has been involved in a serious accident.

    Victoria A. - Toronto, ON

  • I would like to extend a sincere thank you for your assistance regarding the legal issues and my claim for disability benefits. Your knowledge and expertise led to a quick resolution and a successful outcome. From the onset, you were honest with me about my case and yet always kept me in the loop as to what was going on. I appreciated your “up front” approach from our first meeting.

    Mike Elliott

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